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It's It Ice Cream Outlet

304 Spring Street
Suisun City
United States

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Contact Person: Stella Shamieh
Phone: 707-425-1900
Business Days:
  • Tuesday
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Two brothers, George and Fred Shamieh, were inseparable their entire lives. Be it a small corner store, a deli, or a real estate investment company, the two conquered it together on a handshake. When an opportunity arose, they opened a wholesale bakery in Suisun, California in 1977, making cookies for the famous It’s It Ice Cream Co. Because of their love for family, they named it Family Cookie Co, now doing business as Stella’s Gourmet. However, they did not begin this venture because they were bakers; they began it because they were adventurers—not the type who sailed the ocean to find a New World, but the type who always dreamed of new things and fresh starts. America was a candy store compared to the small town they came from in the Middle East, and they craved every sweet bite. So it is no wonder that some of their children followed in their footsteps. Brothers and sister team, Jay, Nader and Stella Shamieh have continued to make high quality cookies, including our newest addition 7 years ago as Stella’s Fundraising Cookie Dough. They offer the highest quality dough in the market with the best hometown, family service.

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