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SK Creative Arts

1113 Park Lane
Suisun City
United States

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Contact Person: Stephanie Knight
Phone: 707-290-6001
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If you saw what I see through the lens you would be amazed at how beautiful things really are!   My favorite thing to do when I photograph you is to catch you when you’re just being you.   Those moments when you are laughing, or interacting with loved ones are the most precious and memorable times,  and I love to capture those moments with my camera.   Weddings, parties, family portraits, or lifestyle shots,  I would love to spend time with you and capture the moments.   Your location is my studio! SK Creative Arts is located in Fairfield, California, however we will travel to photograph your event or special day.
SK Creative Arts has been creating graphics for years. Advertising, flyers, posters, graduation announcements, logos, videos and marketing packages.   Sometimes people need pictures and graphics together, perhaps some cover art for your new music EP?   We do it all! Because we do the camera work, we have all rights to photos and video, however you may provide your own photos as well.
No matter what you do, you have a brand, why not make it a great one?   I can help you develop a brand for yourself or for an event.   If you need a new image, or just need to create your image from scratch, I can help you.   Politician, performer, actor, or business owner, sometimes you just need to show the world who you are.  

SK Creative Arts has been putting branded events together for years. Make your fundraisers more profitable with a branded event!

So the question is: How can I help you?

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