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Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Service was incorporated in 1977 to offer vital assistance to injured and orphaned wildlife in Solano County, affected primarily by human activity.

The Suisun Wildlife Center, dedicated as the Sandra Emanuelson DVM Memorial Wildlife Center in 1987.
SK Creative Arts specializes in branding, graphic arts, special events and photography.
The Wednesday Club is a Banquet & Reception facility available for rental. The Wednesday Club is located in a lovely historic building built in the early 1900's.
The Lounge is a classy, upscale spot near the Suisun City Waterfront to relax, unwind, listen to great music, dance, mingle, have a few cocktails and come back to week after week. Welcome home.
Greg Chapkis is one of the fastest growing names in the dance community. Born and raised in the Ukraine, he started his professional career at a young age. Greg moved to the United States as teenager in 1999 and within just a few years, has opened his second dance studio, Chapkis Dance!
Retroactive Records and Games is a locally owned store for new and used instruments, music and collectibles. It has an extensive collection of vinyl records for vintage music lovers, as well as guitars for beginners and experts. Thrift also sells used computers, speakers and stereos.
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